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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

how was school ?
boring right?
i know
zomg this blog is SO dead.
happy belated birthday to those whose birthday are all belated like..
yun wen, mitot, kai li, ismail, kwok hui, and aaiyisah.
yeah like those people.
happy belated birthday!
guess what!
i hate MYE!
do you?
okay bye loves!

3:56 PM
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

how's life?
i miss you guys. gaah.

i'm bored.




8:45 PM
Sunday, April 4, 2010

sry Syahirah, i cut out ur face..HAHAH ! XD

Hello people !

this blog is alive again ! its been SO long since someone last updated this blog ~

thanks to Irdayu, this blog is back :)

tagboard is up again so i hope the same incident wont repeat coz tis silly..

ur just spamming random stuff online -.-

i really miss 2/2 & i miss being index no. 17 ! T_T

well, thts my short update for now & i like Irdayu said "please, don't hesitate to visit this blog and to update it." :)


- Natasha Lambert ;D


8:56 PM

HEY! its me! i'm back in business babeh!
been a long time since this blog has been posted.(?)
thanks to natasha for telling me the username and password to this blog.
really miss you guys.
2010 classes aren't too much fun.

i know there were conflicts along the way in 2008 and 2009 but who could deny the super big smiles we had etched on our faces in those years eyy?

please, don't hesitate to visit this blog and to update it.
its life is in your hands..

ilove you


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5:31 PM
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

oh come on...
our class blog is dead already...
u guys got com at home wht...
cn go & spend arnd 10-15 mins juz to update this blog mah..
wht's the point of having a blog without tagboard & updates ?
u see larh..
spam somemore..
now we cnt realli communicate through blogger..
spammers all nth better to do arh ?
ala , nvm larh...
tht one old story oredi..
whtever it is..
Im juz gonna keep this blog updated IF I CAN coz I DUN HAVE A COM A HOME !
poor me :(

-Natasha Lambert :)


9:15 AM
Hazrul - 29th
Jun Kwan - 13th
Irdayu - 22nd
NURUL Atiqah - 2nd
Francesca - 7th
Xiang You - 14th
Shahril - 20th
Rahman - 29th
Azwanny & Syahidah - 30th
Ismail - 3rd
Kai Li - 7th
Kwok Hui - 19th
NURatiqah - 16th
Yun wen - 26th
Aaiyisah - 10th
Mei Hui - 18th
Syahirah - 24th
Alan - 20th
Waylen - 21st
Iqal - 22nd
Clement KOH - 28th
Chantel - 1st
Khairunnisa - 8th
Wei Loon - 9th
Julia - 18th
Mirza - 5th
Phoebe - 20th
Clement CHAN - 2nd
Vincent - 5th
Xiao Liang - 3rd
Natasha - 7th
Qu Peng - 10th
Kelvin - 21st
Noriryanty - 24th
Syafiqah - 26th
Farah - 5th
Haidee - 10th
Elon - 11th
Danial - 25th


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